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November 2, 2008

by Virginia Scott


Not much is happening which is good because it allows us to clean, organize, and complete projects and assignments. It also allows us time to relax and breathe for a change. Denny Mingus's mother, Paula, came to retrieve his photographs. Denny had a great exhibit and everyone enjoyed his view of the world through his camera. We wish him continued success and thank him very much for sharing his talent with us.

November/December exhibit will be Quilts. Anyone who has a holiday quilt in design or memory please bring in it for inclusion in our exhibit. We want to celebrate the holidays through the artistic beauty of quilts. We are receiving the quilts now. You will be able to retrieve your quilt before Christmas Day so please share with us.

On Sunday, November 9,at 3 pm,we will be hosting a reception for all veterans at the museum after the Darrouzett Legion Luncheon . An invitation has been sent to Veterans of the Korean War . These veterans will be recognized by the Lipscomb County Historical Commission and the museum for their service. This reception is always a wonderful time of sharing and one of thanks to our veterans . Please join us.


As you read this, we know the results of the 2008 presidental race. Presidental races are always interesting. On Wednesday, Georgia brought us a campaign poster postcard for President McKinley from 1896 and we reveiwed our files and discovered that we have very little on presidental races but have a good sample of campaign items from county races that include pens, notepads, pencils, fans, and of course, buttons. We have put out some of these items on the table in the pioneer rooms for visitors to examine. I am always interested in the history of women in all major areas of history, politics being one. I discovered that in 1944 national races included three women ran for congressional offices . They were Mrs. Emily Taft Douglas, wife of Marine Maj. Paul Douglas ; Mrs. Claire Boothe Luce, playwright, wife of Henry Luce, publisher; and Mrs. Helen Gahagan Douglas, actress and wife of Marine Capt. Melvyn Douglas, movie star. The caption in the Follett times was that the women were adding glamour to the races and were "Standing" for Congress.

Franklin Roosevelt was overwhelming reelected for a fourth term in 1944. Lipscomb county had six towns that reported the following results:

Follett Lipscomb Booker Higgins Liberty Darrouzett TOTAL
FDR 161 92 76 136 25 61 551
Dewey 55 49 107 114 17 54 396

Locally, two women, Ms. C.W.Dixon and Mrs. Rose B. Turner were running for Treasurer. Ms. Dixon won the race.

Interesting as always, but as usual when looking at history there is always something new. Where was Libery and was it an official town or just a voting precinct. A topic for the Wednesday Core Team . See you on Sunday, please join us in celebrating our veterans.

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