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August 18, 2013

by Virginia Scott


A wonderful week full of activities. Ronnie Schneider and Ed Scott pruned our cactus garden and transplanted some of our plants to the Lipscomb community garden across from the courthouse. Both areas look terrific. Dorothy continues her project with cleaning our markers. She just completed cleaning the marker for the Methodist church in Follett. You can read about on her Facebook page. If you have markers in your town and would like to learn to clean them, please call us and we can teach you and give you the instructions. Also please report any highway historic marker that is damaged so we can report to state for repairs.

The highlight of the week was the reception on Sunday for Rebecca Ashley, Arlene Walker, and Jean Weis. Over 70 people came with all the women leaving with little paper bags of Jean's jewelry. Her jewelry is full of color and there is a style and color for everyone's taste. The proceeds from her sales is for the beautification of Higgins in memory of her daughter, Joanne Watson.
The exhibits of the art work and jewelry will be up through next week so there is still time for you to visit.

The board met on Wednesday the 21st so I will have a report next week. We are ready to start construction so stay tuned for ground breaking dates.


Continuing with Ms. Wheatley's school memories she describes the 'water system':
The water system was very unsatisfactory in the Public schools of long ago. Ours was a cedar bucket and I think had brass hoops. A tin cup (pint) which in time became rusty. If they were ever scalded I never knew it. This bucket was kept on a shelf in the corner of the room. Thirsty children would ask for a drink, perhaps some not so thirsty and the supply was soon exhausted. The bucket was filled at the nearest well and carried by two boys. Some time it was passed around to each desk and children drank in turn. Once, I remember, the boys who had carried the water seemed highly amused while the thirsty youngsters gulped their drink. It finally came out that all the water was not from the well and which they considered quite a joke I'm sure I also drank with relish. After a severe threshing by the teacher, a man, they were expelled from the school.
Christmas, next week.

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