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July 10, 2016

by Virginia Scott


Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. It was quite here with some fireworks. The museum crew enjoyed Wednesday with some work being accomplished along with updates on returning former residents, relatives, and some newcomers.
John Beekum came on the seventh to take his exhibit down. His photographs of our local residents at work and play were beautiful and enjoyable to look at. We thank the Fluitt family and Rickett family for bringing him to us. The three fellows are said to have gone to school together. Thanks for all the help.
Our next exhibit is the quilts by Carol Gifford. She will be hanging her quilts on the 13th.

This Wednesday we are celebrating Georgia Couch's 88th birthday. If you know Georgia she is the rock of our exhibits and museum. She and Dorothy are the founding members of our core group and have taught us all every thing we know. Send her a card or a birthday email to the museum and I will print them for her (she doesn't do email).


We recently received items from the Minton family who were previous residents of Lipscomb. This made us curious about the family and their life in Lipscomb. We found an article about them written in the Amarillo Daily News in appeared in the April 11, 1958 issue. Mr. Minton was the postmaster with the post office located in his store. However he was probably best known for his rabbit fur business accompanied by the earthworm business. The article focused on his rabbit fur business and the side product of earthworms. He discovered that the rabbit waste was ideal for raising worms and took care of the waste and odor from the rabbits. He made coats, jackets, and parkas and sold them in his store. The article tells us how a man can make a living by doing what is interesting and enjoyable to him. Lesson for us all. Have a good week.

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