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June 10, 2012

by Virginia Scott


Sunday afternoon brought over 30 people to the museum to visit with Mike Winnette and enjoy his unusual art. Mike paints beautiful nature scene on turkey feathers and places them in frames that produces a great piece of art. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and we obtained a three generation photograph of the Winnette family for our photography archive.

I made another trip to Lubbock for a workshop by Texas Historical Commission and Texas Museum Association. This quarters theme was on record keeping of visitors and how to use that information for planning programs and exhibits. It was interesting and gave me some ideas to change our registration book.

I also journeyed to Perryton for a regional tourist meeting. If you don't have a map of the local day trips, please drop by for one. The day trips are ideal for a great Saturday outings and even on Sunday. Each trip takes you a different route through our six to eight county region and points out the historical and current places of interest and fun. A great way to entertain kids and visitors.

Look for the posters for a one week program for 5th thru 8th graders last of July , here at the museum for a Ride into History. Registration will be $10 and promises to be fun.

Lastly, I told you about the mystery flag last week. I was incorrect that the flag was found inside the museum. Dorothy and Lovella found it on the flag pole upon their arrival at the museum. Again, we thank the donor for the flag and please send us the information on the flag especially if it was a funeral flag.


As you are probably aware, we lost another one of our WWII veterans recently,. Roland Wheat was a highly decorated pilot and donated a copy of his diary and his mission log to the museum. We have a panel of his story in our multiplex display. Below is his entry for June 13, 1944:

"Our target today was another German airfield a little distance behind the enemy lines in France. Our intentions being to allow the enemy as few landing fields as possible from which to hamper our forces on the beachhead. At take off time the weather wasn't too good and we had to climb through a considerable amount of cloud before breaking in the clear, We picked up some icing in the clouds. Assembly was made on Splasher Sixteen (lead plane) at our bombing altitude and it didn't take long for the group to get together. Low cloud prevailed until we crossed the French coast where visibility became very good and the ground plainly visible. On the way in we encountered some flak, but suffered no damage. No enemy fighters were seen due mainly to very good friendly escort. Hits on the target were considered good. Back over England again, we had another battle with the elements as the whole area was closed in with heavy rain and clouds down to five hundred feet. As we crossed the coast we let down and came all the way back to base at tree top level. It was truly a rat race as the formation got split up and planes were going every way. After racing around the field for an hour, we managed to get down on the ground All ships returned safely when an account was taken." This was Roland's 26th mission. They were stationed at St. Andre De Lure, France.

As you read this, I hope flags are flying everywhere. Thursday is flag day and remember everyone who has given us the freedom to fly the flag of the United States with pride.

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