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December 6, 2009

by Virginia Scott


Business has been steady but the work room is looking better. Ann and Dorothy have been busy completing our review of our old book inventory in respect of our mission. In this review they look at the book and how it tells the history of our county. They have deaccession quite a few because we have a sufficient number of old school books or we have duplicates of a title. We will now look these titles up on the internet for its value then put they on sale for the general public. So look for a book sale first of the year.

We also changed exhibits and have an excellent and beautiful display of church banners that reflect different religious holidays and beliefs. It makes a great Christmas exhibit. There is also a case exhibit of navitivity scenes in the front lobby area. More decorations will appear in the next few weeks so please mark your calendar for our open house on Sunday, December 20 at 2 pm.


As I write the column on Mondays, this Monday is Pearl Harbor Day and flags are displayed at half staff in rememberance of the lost soldiers on this day in history. Pearl Harbor was considered the "home away from home" for the men who preserved American interests abroad. Though the European continent found itself embroiled in a bitter world war in latter days of the 1930's, in the Pacific there was no hint of trouble. American ships made routine patrols, practiced drills and then returned to Pearl Harbor for periods of rest, relaxation, and recreation. The weekend of December 6 and 7, 1941, promised to be a great time for the sailors who had returned to Pearl. Harbor sailors and Marines prepared for a softball game. On the nearby battleship USS Neveda, others were getting ready for a tennis tournament. There was limited duty on this beautiful Sunday morning, affording ample opportunity for the men to enjoy their brief stay in Paradise. As the hour neared the 8 o'clock muster and the raising of the colors, all was peaceful and relaxed. A large number of sailors gathered on the beach for an outdoor morning chapel service. On board the USS Neveda, Warrant Machinist Donald Ross was shaving and thinking about his girlfriend Helen at home. On board the USS Oklahoma Ensign Francis Flaherty was counting the days until he could return home to Hichigan. At Kancohe Bay, John finn cuddled next to his wife Alice as they tried to decide which of them would get up and start the coffee. It was 7:53 am and events were about to unfold that would propel the United States into a World War that would ultimately cost more than a quarter - million American men and women their lives. On this day, December 7, 1941, more than 2,400 men, women and children would die in Paradise. Kaneohe Bay was attacked five minutes before Pearl Harbor, which some might argue makes John Finn's actions that day the FIRST Medal of Honor action of World War II. John has never seen himself as a hero. "I was just a Good 'ol Navy man doing my job", he says humbly. Fifteen men received Medals of Honor for their heroic actions at Pearl Harbor on December 7,1941. Only five of those men survived their moment of heroism. Today, only John Finn survives.

This story and the complete story of Pearl Harbor can be found at www.homeofheroes.com which is a website dedicated to stories of our heroic service men and women. The story of Pearl Harbor is also on exhibit in our museum with photos found 68 years after pearl harbor in an old brownie camera.

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