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January 29, 2017

by Virginia Scott


I can't report that we accomplished much last week, we mainly discussed the happenings as a result of the recent ice storm. Luckily, all of the volunteers came through with flying colors. Most of us stayed inside and caught up on our reading, reorganizing closets and drawers, etc.

Everyone is now cleaning up all the debris left by the trees. There are volunteers traveling from everywhere assisting in the clean up and bringing in supplies. A special Thanks to the Amarillo food bank for their generosity. To all of the electric and power companies and volunteer groups we send a special thanks and good wishes for all your help.
The student art show is developing well. Be sure your school is represented.
Hope all of you are recovering nicely. If you have photographs that you want to add to our archives so that we can store and record the ice storm of 2017, please send them to us or bring them by.


Lipscomb Limelight reported on Jan. 27, 1916 the headline "Gentle Rain Fall Tuesday Evening," Mr. Skagg describes the rain in his original manner:
Prosperity, well we should reckon, in more ways than one, then why shouldn't the old county get up and dance with glee, shake her old feet loose with a freedom never before enjoyed. Keep your eye on Lipscomb and take notice of the spurt she will be taking before another snow flies. She will be 'hot dope' fresh from the 'dope factory'.
I wonder how he would describe the latest storm.

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