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May 8, 2016

by Virginia Scott


A very busy weekend, on Saturday we had a photography workshop with 22 attendees. Our instructor, John Van Beekum spoke to us about the mechanics of our camera and how to set up our photos before we actually clip the camera. We then ventured out to three colorful locations in Lipscomb and took photos. We thank Tanya Bussard for being our subject at one site.

The next day, Sunday, we had a good crowd for John's reception in spite of it being Mother's Day. Everyone enjoyed John's exhibit and seeing our neighbors in ways we are not always familiar. All his photos are from our region and reflect our way of life. His exhibit will be up until June 6, so please plan to come by and see them. It is one of our best shows.

We are still busy in the back, reviewing and auditing our record system, as well as accessing new items. We keep receiving wonderful new things to add to our collection to tell our county stories. Our newest our two wind charger blades so we are in need our a stands so that we can display one outside by our windmill and one inside in the agriculture area. Any and all suggestions are welcome for this project.


If you visit Lipscomb, please go by the town square and see our garden which is now in its May Day mode. Pam Haines graciously decorates the square for every holiday. This one kids will love.
May Day celebrations go back to the Pagans before Christ and have been held every since then in some form. By the middle ages every English village had its Maypole. The bringing in of the May pole from the woods was a great occasion and was accompanied by much rejoicing and merry making. There would be competitions between villages to see who could have the biggest pole.
The tradition of the maypole was considered pagan and the puritans stopped the tradition in 1644. However, the Stuarts brought the tradition back.
In America, the Puritans frowned on May Day, so the day has never been celebrated with as much enthusiasm in the United States as in Great Britain. But the tradition of celebrating the day by dancing and singing around a maypole, tied with colorful streamers or ribbons, survived as a part of the English tradition. If you want to enjoy a traditional pole come to Lipscomb.

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