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October 30, 2016

by Virginia Scott


I writing this on Halloween and hoping to have some trick or treat visitors. It is Halloween that to me starts fall and winter season. It looks like it will be a good night for haunting the neighbor hood. Will report next week.

If you haven't visited the museum lately, please plan a trip. These special exhibits we have on display are not to be missed. Debbie Simpson's paintings are refreshing and beautiful. You will be surprised by what she paints on. If you like movie stars then you must come she Pam Haines exhibit on Marilyn Monroe. You will enjoy the fun and entertaining way that Marilyn is presented.

REMAINDER: the reception for Debbie Simpson, November 6 at 2 pm. A presentation on WWI by Otis Shearer will also be Nov. 6 at 3 pm in our meeting room. The afternoon promises to be fun and informative. This is the 100th anniversary of WWI and many events will occur throughout the state in recognition of this event.


This is the time of year that everyone is harvesting something. The Prairie Dog (Jewell Dixon) wrote in his column October 28,1965 about the silos were filled in the beginning. "One man ran the engine that furnished the power to operate the cutter. One man fed the cutter and that was the most dangerous job of all. The feeder man had a helper who straightened the bundles and cut the strings on each bundle. One man stayed in the silo and operated the blower pipe to keep the silage spread evenly. It was his job to keep the goats on the move. They would put about twenty-five goats in the silo to tromp the silage and pack it. The goats were put in the silo at the start and stayed in there until it was filled. They were given a bucket of water at night."

Hope you had a good Halloween.

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