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July 5, 2015

by Virginia Scott

This great weather is keeping us busy with visitors. People are enjoying the beautiful wildflowers and so much green and coming in to learn about our county. Lots of out of state visitors. Lipscomb was busy on the fourth with visitors and fireworks. We have had visitors to our geocaches and I am going to have to refresh them all. It promises to be a busy summer.
Georgia and her helpers are still creating the exhibits for the new area and we hope that our train will be brought back this week.
Our board will have its quarterly meeting on July 16, at 2 PM. The public is invited to come and learn about everything that we are doing. Volunteers are always welcome.
Our art exhibit for July, August is Gwen Ferguson of Follett and her students. The paintings are bright, colorful, and very well done. ( We need a volunteer to write a review of our exhibits, my knowledge base is nonexistence for art ). Stay tuned for the date for their reception.


We are all familiar with the events of July 4 thru 9, 1176 with the declaration of independence so here are some other interesting events for this week in history:
1826- at an Independence Day celebration in Washington, a collection is taken to help pay the debts of Thomas Jefferson. Later comes the news that he and his old adversary John Adams have both died on this day.
1831 Baptist minister S. F. Smith introduces the song America to his congregation At Boston's Park Street Church. The words are by Smith, the tune an old German song.
1951 A reporter for the Madison (Wisconsin) Capital-Times is rebuffed by 99 out of 100 people he asks to sign a petition made up of quotations from the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Many called the
petition subversive.
July 6, 1776 The Declaration of Independence is announced on the front page of the Pennsylvania Evening Gazette.
1854, At a meeting of the new antislavery political party in Jackson, Michigan, the name Republican is chosen, with a deliberate reference to Thomas Jefferson's old Democratic-Republican Party.

Enjoy the week.

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