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June 5, 2016

by Virginia Scott


The museum is starting the month of June with a very appropriate exhibit. Our resident creative designer, Pam Haines, has created two exhibits for us. The first is in the entrance area case with bride dolls each unique with a special brides dress. The second is in our art room with beautiful one of kind bridal dresses on real size manniquins. This exhibit will bring back memories or let little girls plan their dream wedding. Plan to take a trip to see this exhibit.

This is also the last month to view John Van Beekum's photos. People have been enjoying finding themselves, their neighbors, and their town in his exhibit.

We are busy continuing the work on the outside beds and cleaning files, cabinets, and shelves on the inside. It is amazing how much stuff accumulates in a year. We thank each of you for returning our request to update your loan files. This helps us keep our records current.

If you have seen our new expansion area, please plan a summer visit.


A recent request for information on plane crashes in Lipscomb County led to a review of the file we keep on plane crashes. We have had 8 to 9 crashes of military aircraft in our area since 1945. One crash occurred on June 14, 1967. The following is the newspaper report of the crash:
"On Wednesday evening at 6:30, June 14th, a B-58 Hustler Jet, from Bunker Hill Air Force Base in Indiana, crashed and burned on the James Cook ranch, 7 miles southwest of Darrouzett, Texas. One of the three air men aboard was killed when his parachute failed to open. The other 2 men ejected safely".

"Cook said the pilot, who had been trapped in his ejection capsule about a mile and a quarter from the burning wreckage, had a little scratch on his head and the other one didn't have anything. The second survivor was found about a half-mile north of the plane. Ed Winette picked him up in his car. "The third man whose chute did not open was found near the wreckage."

Enjoy the start of summer.

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