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June 13, 2017

by Virginia Scott


A well attended program on Sunday with a reception for Terry Henderson and a program presented by Otis Shearer. Unfortunately, the air conditioner unit that covers the meeting room choose to break and it was a little uncomfortable for some of us but not unbearable.

Otis Shearer presented a book review/summary of the American Lion : Andrew Jackson in the White House by Jon Meacham. It was the second presentation by Otis and he educates us on our history and relates it to the present conditions.

Terry Henderson's photographs were enjoyed by everyone and she was busy taking orders. That is always good when our local artists are able to sell their art and receive the accolades from the local people. If you haven't seen her work, please plan to come by, you will enjoy.

Our next function will be Bingo night June 24 at 6 pm. It is fun, join us.


We have all heard or read about the 1947 tornado that destroyed many of our regional towns, Glazier and Higgins, but I had not heard of the 1917 fire in Glazier. The following is several of the Skaggs' observations of the fire and the Lipscomb response:
"Last Tuesday(,June 12, 1917), about four o'clock in the evening Lipscomb auto drivers had the opportunity of displaying their ability in sending one them four wheeled criters over the ground at about its best. The report arrived over the telephone that Glazier was on fire. The Lipscomb citizens got their cars together and on the road... Ten minutes after the alarm our old town looked as though it had been turned over to the softer sex for safe keeping as the streets were void of the masculine gender that are so prominently displayed about town at any and all hours of the day....
The town of Glazier was in reality on fire... As the report came in the flames started in the roller mills at that place from some cause or other."
Nine businesses were destroyed but they did save the 'upper part of town'.

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