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September 17, 2017

by Virginia Scott


A busy week and our apologies to the group who scheduled us for a rest stop on Saturday. One of the signs of old age is memory loss and two of us just forgot but Lovella came to rescue and opened up for the group. We will start pinning reminders on our sleeves or purses so we don't forget.
We are staying busy with projects and collecting items for the fundraiser. Thanks to those of you who are bringing items in for our auctions. We are still collecting. Remember the date November 4 at the school and a new menu, chicken fried steaks.

This Saturday at 6:30 pm in the museum meeting room is our monthly Bingo game. We have lots of fun and news sharing (gossip). We need prizes for this event also. Please join us for fun and games.

Reminder that this is the last week of Pam Haines Barbie Show. October and November will be Pine Gregory Exhibit.


With mowing season here and everyone starting their mowing, I found this tidbit in the Lipscomb Limelight of 1917:
"Being as the old town has no town pound, since the rye is coming up so fine on the Court House grounds, James Black, the good natured janitor will have some time herding the city stock from this special spot of green unless, we perhaps a boy could be induced to pursuade the stock to try another feed. It will be a tempting proposition for the Lipscomb brindle bossy to pass by."
Again I need a translation of what is a brindle bossy, a stable boy maybe.

Our present lawn may not be rye but our local herd of deer enjoy dining on it during the evening and night strolls they take through towns. Some even take their naps there.

Enjoy your week.

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