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February 12, 2012

by Virginia Scott


Let it be known that our museum and county have always been unique in our approach to projects. Friday was no different. We were scheduled to erect our Quanah Parker arrows in Higgins and Lipscomb, everything went just fine until we tried to erect the arrows. Our recent blessing of rain made our soil too soft to hold the weight of the arrow in the ground. Charles Smith, the artist that makes the arrows was disappointed that our soil would not support his creation but our local men assured him that with a little addition of pipe welded on to the base would give it enough depth to stay erect.

We want to thank everyone in Higgins that came out to help and volunteered to do the welding . I will obtain their names and give them credit in future articles. In Lipscomb, Terry,Lance, and Bernie were joined by my husband , Ed ; Hugh Barton; Tai Kreidler ; and Charles Smith in situating the arrow until modifications can be made. Thanks , Everyone.

We had a great gathering at both sites to observe the delivering of the arrows and we all enjoyed visiting with each other at the museum . Visitors from Borger, Canadian, Mobeetie, Tulia, and Lubbock enjoyed our crisp weather and our beautiful county. I will keep you updated on the installation of the arrows. However with the wonderful gift of moisture with the snow, it will be awhile before we try again. You can view the arrows at their location . Vertically or horizontally, the arrows achieve their purpose. Quanah and the Comanche, Cheyenne, and Apache were here and left us with a great legacy that we are still celebrating.

  1. We need sport memorabilia , uniforms , photographs, etc. to create a county wide exhibit on Sport history in the county. Get those scrapbooks out and bring us your victories and defeats.
  2. The student art show is up and very fitting for this snowy February. Lots of cute snowmen , 3-D art . Our children have done a great job, come and visit their show.

I hope you enjoyed Valentine's Day this week. Lovella has our women's bathroom decorated with some of the great love songs that we have celebrated Valentine Day with: "Let me call you Sweetheart". "Ain't she Sweet", "Love Walked In", are some of the greats. She also hung Norman Rockwell's print entitled "Cupid's Visit". Sharing cards and candy or just expressing your friendship or love for someone makes Valentine's Day a fun day.

It is thought that Valentine's day started with an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia celebrated on the 15th day of February. The Roman calendar had February in the Spring so Lupercalia was a spring festival. The festival was a festival to celebrate love and fertility for the women and animals of the village. A ritual of dancing through the village touching the foreheads of the women and sacrificing an animal was believed to ensure prosperity to the Village.

Others contribute it to St. Valentine and his execution in 270 A.D. Through the ages, it has become a day to celebrate Love.

Here are some quotes of famous people on their thoughts of Valentine Day and Love. Enjoy
"Never sign a Valentine with your own name." Pickwick Papers, Charles Dickens

"Then, must you speak of one that loved not wisely but too well; of one not easily jealous, but being wrong perplex'd in the extreme" William Shakespeare

"Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" Tennyson

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