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June 12, 2011

by Virginia Scott


The work area is starting to look good, the core team is making headway with their cataloging and repackaging of our photograph collection. The archive room looks so great with the neat archival books and albums all lined up and neatly labeled. This has been a tedious project for the team but I think they are pleased with the result. Researching for photographs on a peculiar subject will now be a lot easier. Next time you visit ask to see the archive room and then thanks the core team for their hard work.

Summer is here and June is just beginning. If you need a break from the heat come see us. We have to keep the museum at 68 to 72 degrees for the archives so people sometimes find us chilly. However, during the summer, we are a favorite stop. I now have bottled water for sale, so come in and cool down with us.

If you haven't marked your calendar, please do so now. SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 2PM TO 4 PM , A RECEPTION AND BOOKSIGNING FOR THE AKERS FAMILY. The reception will feature Pam Tyson, her sister, Sharon Hammond while their brother Monte signs his newest book, "Flames after Midnight." I will describe the book in my Historical Musing below.

OK, who visited the museum and lost a beautiful key chain ornament. I know some lady who visited us last week lost something off her keys. I won't describe it because I want the right owner to claim it. I will say it is metal, painted and is an animal species. Please come by or call us and we will send it to you. 806-852-2123


DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN KIRVEN ,TEXAS IN MAY 1922? It was a coworker's whispered words, "Kirven is where they burned the [Negroes]," that set Monte Akers to work at discovering the true story behind a young white woman's brutal murder and the burning alive of three black men who were almost certainly innocent of the woman's murder. This was followed by a month-long reign of terror as white men killed blacks while local authorities concealed the real identity of the white probable murderers and allowed them to go free. Akers paints a vivid portrait of a community desolated by racial hatred and its own refusal to face hard truths. He sets this tragedy within the story of a region prospering from an oil boom but plaqued by lawlessness and traces the lynching 's repercussions down the decades to the present day. In the new epilogue, Akers adds details that have come to light as a result of the book's first publication in 1999.

What can the uncovering of yet another travesty do to improve race relations in America? In the opinion of Akers, "This story is now complete, but its messages can never be. The insanity of racial hatred, or hatred of any kind, the necessity of equal protection and due process of law, the danger of mob mentality, and the unforeseen consequences of deception and cover-up all hang from this tale like fruit ripe for the picking."

Come visit with Monte about this book and his other two books. All books will be available in our gift shop.

Hope you enjoyed Flag Day this week and stay cool.

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