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November 21, 2010

by Virginia Scott


We are tiding up the museum in preparation to our Christmas Vacation. Wednesday was spent organizing our archive room with our new shelves. Moving and rearranging the newspaper books and our collection boxes was quite a chore. We were all exhausted by days end and the archive room is beautiful. Now we can work on specific projects i.e. our maps, paintings.

A reminder to all of you who brought us a Dord Fitz painting, please come pick them up by next Tuesday or they will spend the holidays in the museum.

REMEMBER WE ARE CLOSING AT 4 PM DECEMBER 1 UNTIL JANUARY 3, 2011 FOR A MUSEUM HOLIDAY. WE ARE HAVING A BOARD MEETING, WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 1 AT 2 PM, THE PUBLIC IS INVITED. The agendas are for both the Lipscomb County Historical Commission and the Wolf Creek Heritage Museum. We have some interesting projects for 2011 so join us.


Mr. C.A. Skaggs (father of Fred, Leonard, Ethel, & Juanita) was editor, publisher, and writer for the Lipscomb Limelight for years. He had a wonderful way with words which was country, wise, humorous, and entertaining. I give you his editorial saved by Lovella on April 15, 1915
"Died- Last part of last week from complication of natural causes, at the age of about fifteen months, the Lipscomb Military Band. It had survived the cold and chilly blasts of the winter days, had been nourished through the teething period in safety and would have been able to toddle alone with another twelve months growth, but such is fate. A flower bloometh in the spring, spreads its brilliant leaves to the light of the sun for a time with its sweet fragrance blown to the breezes and its no more; so it is with the band, the pride of Lipscomb, it has furnished the musical notes that entertained the crowds on the Fourth, pleased the gatherings at church socials and school houses, without that which to sustain life, it succumbs to the fate of the times and dwindleth into oblivion. It grieves Lime Light that this be so It creates a relentless stream of wakefulness to shoot through our anatomy like a bunch of fox terriers chasing a lame duck. Our sympathy is with the mourners who have been such zealous tooters. and as we scatter the last garland of flowers we cherish the thought all is well that ends well."
Did I mention that he created his own words, have fun picking out his creations in this piece. Have a great Thanksgiving.

We are closed on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day but open on Friday.

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