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July 25, 2010

by Virginia Scott


Nice week in spite of the heat, grasshoppers, and bag worms. We are trying to save our trees by asking the pest control person to spray everything. Lets hope it works.

We spent Wednesday policing the museum and hanging paintings, rearranging exhibits. The newest dress was put on display by Friday by Lovella. The wedding travel suit is a great example of late 1800 style and fashion. We retired the prom dress. We are supposed to rotate our textiles often because the light and methods of exhibiting them stresses the fabric. We are in the process of changing out some of our displays. We also spent time playing the reorganization of our storage area. We have really our grown our space.

The Alex Young saddle is on display now and is our oldest saddle from the early 1880's.

Summer visitors are coming in so it has been fun showing our visitors our history.

A summer reminder that if you need a good historical book about WWII, the Dust Bowl, or Lipscomb County in the past, come browse our gift shop.

NEXT WEDNESDAY, REPRESENTATIVES FROM FLORENTINE FILM PRODUCTION WILL BE AT THE MUSEUM TO LOOK THROUGH OUR ARCHIVES FOR 1930 PHOTOS AND INVITE EVERYONE WITH FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS TO BRING THEM IN FOR SCANNING. They bring their equipment and scan on location so you go home with your original. This is a Ken Barnes film so it will be a good one so share your family photos. SEE YOU WEDNESDAY. Everyone from our area is invited Hemphill, Wheeler, Ochiltree, Roberts, Hansford county come see us and bring your photos. Those of you east of the border are also invited (Beaver, Shattuck, Arnett come on out).


With the work on our history book and preparing for the Dust Bowl visit, we have been looking through our files a lot. It is amazing what documents we have acquired over the years. One file is essays by Lipscomb County Students. It contains the entries from the high school students in the county, the year was 1969. There were 25 entries (if we have them all) and the First Place winner was Carol Ivie with her essay entitled the "The Old Drift Fence" about the first fence built in the 1880's. Other topics were "Timms City", "the Dust Bowl of the 30's","The Dirty Days", "The History of the Organization of Follett", "Progress in Darrouzett" and "The Escape of Lydia (Meier) Rutz". Students included Danny Cochran, Danny Krienke, Clydeene Bechtold, Cliff Ives, Chris Smith, Sandra Peil, Sam Morgan, Sherri McGee, Bonnie Elmore, Sue Gillespie, Candace Becker,Charles Imke, and Stan Crump.

The essays are well researched or were interviews of Lipscomb County residents. Here is a description of Mrs. Henry Frass in the essay about her by Mike Crum :" Mrs. Frass was a conservative woman, some even remarked she was 'plain tight'. Mrs. Frass loved the outdoors and grew large gardens that would feed half of the town of Darrouzett. She planted these large garden until she was 90 years old... She gave money to the community projects she thought were good and was truly a person to remember". A nice tribute to one of our early residents. Have a good week and come Wednesday and share your photos.

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