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May 24, 2009

by Virginia Scott


Hope your Memorial Day weekend was relaxing and fun. I am writing this weeks column on Friday, the 22nd and am headed out to Branson, MO for a short vacation with family. Therefore this column will be one of my shortest.

On Thursday, the 21st, I traveled to Memphis for our Trails board and the trip was beautiful. If you haven't been out driving to see the wildflowers , please do because they are beautiful this year.

Besides business at our meeting, we are shown the historical sites in the host towns. Memphis has two treasures, the Presbyterian Church build in 1911 with magnificent stained glass windows and a tracker pipe organ that is one of four left that can still be played. The second is the Heritage Hall which is their museum. They are reorganizing their preservation efforts and have a wonderful collection of vintage clothing, photographs, and a two headed calf. The Hall is open by appointment at the present.


To continue the story about Hilmer Koch from last week , I ask Kellie about the Fable of Knowledge and it turns out to be the Table of Knowledge. The table where all the men sat at the cafe owned by Jacquita Turner called the 7k Korral cafe was called the Table of Knowledge. A reference to all the talking and sharing of wisdom that occurred at the table. Hilmer loved to be wooden and metal puzzlers to the table for the men to solve.

This tradition of the Table is still being followed throughout the county and I am sure the wisdom is still just as wise. Have a good week !

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