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July 5, 2020

by Virginia Scott


People are getting out more and the number of geocachers who are visiting continues to pick up. We had two more groups drop by this week. Everyone is obeying the rules about distancing and masks so the visits are safe. If you have cabin fever, put on your mask and venture on down to the museum.

We are getting requests for photos from our archives from authors writing about our area. It appears that there is an increase interest in the Texas Panhandle. They must be discovering what we have known all along.

We are staying busy with preparing our area for new shelving for our archive area in the near future. We will keep you informed of our progress.


The following description of C.A. Skaggs bout with the flu is from the Lipscomb Limelight and Follett Times, June 29, 1922: "C.A. Skaggs, chief quill driver of the Lipscomb Lime Light, of Follett, Texas, and wife passed through Shattuck. Wednesday morning en-route home from an extended vacation in the eastern part of the state, where "Shorty" has been recuperating from the effects of a severe attack of "flu" and other complications which threatened to take his life. With the exception of a considerable loss of surplus flesh which "Shorty" lays to overdieting, he looks very much his same old self, for which fact we are very much pleased."

If you are wondering why I direct quote the Skaggs descriptions so often, It is because no one uses the English language like the Skaggs.

Have a safe and good week.

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