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July 24, 2016

by Virginia Scott


Last week, I ventured to Childress for the Annual Tourism and Preservation Roundup. We had very interesting presentations from the area on tourism and preservation efforts. An update on the Red River War Heritage Project, The preservation of the Underwood Pullman Car in Lubbock County were some of the interesting presentations.

The Key Note Speaker was the State Historian Bill O'Neal. He spoke of his research and travels that have enabled him to represent our history throughout the state and beyond. His presentation was also a lesson in how to make history entertaining.

The museum has been updated with a filtration system to clean our air. This will allow us to filter out the various air particles that are released when we receive clothing, newspaper, books, etc. This will be especially important when we received things from grandma's cellar, attic, or basement. This update was affordable due to your memberships and donations. We thank you for your continuing support.

Our board will have met when you read this on Thursday and I will report on our actions next week.


As you are relaxing in your air conditioned home, I will remind you of the old days with this reminder from the prairie dog column dated July 30, 1964:
"Another thing that the younger generation have probably not seen was the way the country people kept warm in the winter time. Lots of people did not have money to buy coal, so during the summer months they would take a wagon and team and go to the windmills in the pastures to pick up dry cowchips. They would haul them home and stack them up for fuel that winter. I have seen cow-chip piles that were larger than the houses they were stacked by. It generally took one person to carry in the chips and two to carry out the ashes. Those days have passed on, but are not forgotten."

Stay cool

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