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April 6, 2014

by Virginia Scott

My journey to Odessa for the annual meeting of the West Texas Historical Association was very educational and interesting. I learned a lot about the historical landmarks in that area and historical events of the region. Next years meeting will be in Amarillo and I would encourage all you history enthusiasts to attend.

We are getting to the final cleanup and building preparations for the new addition. The core group continues to plan the new exhibit area. We have also written a grant for the auditorium for the wall system to exhibit our art collection. I will be reseating some of our geocaches in LIpscomb the wind has carried some of ours away. So if you see strangers in town looking puzzled. Stop and tell them the wind took the cache and another will soon be there.

We are also going to reactivate our newsletter this year to keep everyone informed of our various activities. The membership letters will be going out soon so please join our museum and enjoy the expanded museum.

Board annual meeting will have taken place on Wednesday when you read this on Thursday and I will report its actions next week.


At the conference, West Texas A&M University introduced their annual historical journal entitled 'The Panhandle-Plains Historical Review'. The flyer that was circulated at the meeting stated that they will at times do special topic issues and welcome submissions on diverse topics including:
ranching and agriculture pioneers and early settlers Native American history and culture environmental history the role of the military Hispanic history modern settlement and economic development cultural and historiographical analyses.
Back issues are available and their website is www.wtamu.edu/pphr.

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