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May 3, 2009

by Virginia Scott


Well, spring rain keeps coming with very chilly temperatures. The ladies on Wednesday were busy changing our Exhibits. The May exhibit is a photographic tribute to Frankie McWhorter. His widow , Virginia , has generously loaned us some his many awards, his hat and boots. These items with his saddle complement the photographs of Frankie in his many roles as a cowboy and musician. The exhibit has photographs by Rene Heil, Dick Wilberforce, and Ben Young as well as other unidentified photographers. Two paintings by Darrell Shelton and____ Hudgins. The exhibit also includes many of the magazine and newspaper articles written about Frankie. We are pleased to present this tribute to one of Lipscomb County Favorite Sons.

Our membership drive is proceeding well .To each of you who have renewed, a BIG THANK YOU from the museum. If you haven't renewed your membership please do so now, the funds from our membership allows us to expand our exhibits and conserve our collections. Without your support the museum can not offer all our programs and operations.

Stay tuned for our posters on our upcoming fundraiser set for Saturday, June 6th.


LaVaun Kraft is always sending us tidbits of history that she receives from her postmaster friends. Today, we received an email with photos taken by a sailor who was on the USS Quapaw ATF-110 with a brownie camera of the Pearl Harbor Attack. The brownie lay in a locker for 68 years and was recently found and the photos developed. There are approximatley 20 and they are amazing photos. If you would like to view, email me and I will forward them to you. I have printed them and have them in our military exhibit area. It is truly amazing that photos undeveloped can survive to give us a new look at history. Thanks, LaVaun and keep those tidbits coming.

Here is some tidbits from the Panhandle Interstate from the editor's News Notes from the issue of dec. 16 1887: "The bones of a mastodon were found last week near Lockwood, in the S rip."

"G.R. Timms has built up a nice little town on the head of the Kiowa creek. It is bound to be the trading point for a large scope of good country."

"We took lodging at the Sedwick hotel, Timms City, Monday night, and found the old folks running a nice hotel. Their accommodations are good for sleeping and eating."

"A dance and meeting of the Lipscomb Social Club will take place at Lipscomb on Monday night of next week, Dec. 19, Everybody invited, and it is especially requested that each member of the club be present. "

"Lipscomb is one of the healthiest towns in the Panhandle. Timms City would be just as healthy were it not for the stench and filth produced each week by the "hog wash" editor of the Tribune."

Editorial license had a different meaning in 1887. I sure would like some of the Tribune papers from 1887. Have a good week and follow these words from Elinor Roosevelt: It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

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