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July 16, 2017

by Virginia Scott


Another busy week with the core group working on new accession items and cleaning up our work spaces that seems to keep getting cluttered.

The genealogy group met on last Wednesday with a nice crowd and the discussion was instructional and interesting. The research room here at the museum was explored and the references of newspaper, obituaries, family histories, and volumes of photographs were explored. If you are doing family histories, please join us. Next meeting will be in August.

Bingo will be this Saturday at 6:30 pm.

I am traveling to Plainview for the annual Texas Trails meeting and hope to come home with new information and ideas.


In the June 21, 1917 issue of Limelight the following directions for drying green beans:
String the fresh green bean pods on a stout thread and boil not more than ten minutes. Be sure the water is boiling and do not use any salt. Hang the strings on a clothes line until perfectly dry then hang up in a tight paper sack in a tight place. they will keep indefinitely and when soaked one hour in cold water, then cooked with meat, they will taste just as good as canned beans.
If any of you try it let us know.

Here's a tidbit out of the "Town and Country Notes" of the same issue:
"Many a man who imagines himself capable of ruling a nation can't even keep his own children out of mischief."

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