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May 5, 2013

by Virginia Scott


Right on schedule last Wednesday, we took the Sports exhibit down cleared the art room and Richard "Whitty" Whittenburg arrived with his photographic exhibit. This year he has a wonderful display of the wonders of our land scape and sunsets and cowboys around the campfire. Stay tuned for his reception date. The exhibit will be up for the months of May and June. Enjoy this wonderful weather we have been having and take a trip to the museum.

A group of geocachers took advantage of the weekends weather and found our three caches in Lipscomb. One of the group was from France. If you remember, geocachers travel around and find hidden treasures using gps coordinates and then they log them in on the internet and the owner of the cache receives an email of the visit. It is fun and it is a way to attract people to our county. So the next time you are in Lipscomb see if you can find our caches.

REMINDER: Historical Commission for Lipscomb County and the Museum Board will meet May 14th at p.m.. Meetings are open to the public and agendas are posted at the Lipscomb Post Office and County Judges Office.


I am among the individuals this year who will be celebrating our golden anniversary of our graduation from high school. The year was 1963, I will try to find the graduating classes from all our schools for the next couple of columns so that you can congratulate them on the event or be warned of any reunion plans. Darrouzett Senior class of 1963 was 11 strong. Valedictorian was Karen Laurie, Salutatorian was Lois Koch. Other class members were Charles Boston, Jr., Maynard Chapman, Carolyn Duke, Mitford Flack, Dianna Koch, Doyle Grace, Roger Paul, Marcia Trotter and Ronald Pratt.

To this years classes congratulations and have a great future.

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