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July 8, 2018

by Virginia Scott


The museum was closed for the fourth of July but we had out of state visitors during the week before. Another family named Lipscomb came by to visit the town and the area. The comment in our visitors log was "very peaceful". Amazingly enough many people describe our area this way. There is even an Indian story stating that the wolf creek valley was a peaceful, magic valley.

The 7th was Georgia's 90th birthday. Follett held a birthday party for her. The museum staff held a birthday party for her on Wednesday. She is one of the original founders of the historical commission and the museum. She is also our creative director and puts us to work on the exhibits. She is our treasure.

This Saturday, July 14th, the Akers family is having their reunion. Monty will be available from 2 to 4 for a book signing. Please come and visit with the Akers and see Monty.

Pam Haines has a new doll exhibit and is exhibiting more of her beautiful dolls. So bring your kids, grandkids, and yourself to visit the dolls from your childhood or meet new dolls.


This article appeared in the Lime Light 1918:
"It is well known that the British tank is an adaption to military ends of the American caterpillar tractor, but it not generally known that the use of the innocent tractor as a movable fortress was not suggested until the present war was well under way. The idea first occurred to an Englishman who saw a caterpillar tractor on exhibit at Antwerp. He wrote about it to major General E. D. Swinton, of the British Army, and the result was that the first of the famous tanks was shipped to France for trial in September, 1915. When it made for the German line that instantly bent, without argument. America invented the submarine, the aeroplane and the tank. It will soon provide a poisonous gas that will put whole regiments to sleep."
Interesting facts about the origins of war weapons.

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