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County Flag
June 3, 2012

by Virginia Scott


Summer is busy. We are having visitors from all over. This past week we toured the Altmiller family whose grandfather was E.S. Altmiller who was the general contractor for the courthouse. There was three generations of the family and the old jail was the favorite of the youngest generation. It is always interesting to meet and talk to family that have historical roots to the county.

We also had geocachers in the neighborhood. There apparently was a geocache meeting in Amarillo and they found two of our caches in town. The caches are in places that introduce the visitors to our historical sites. There are numerous caches throughout the county so if you are geocacher, find them all and let me know how you do.

We have new T-shirts with a great new logo design, come and get a new T shirt for your vacation.

Now, for our latest mystery. Several weeks ago, when we opened the museum there was this very large size American Flag (we believe it is a funeral flag used by the military) on the counter. None of us were present when the flag was left and we do not know who and when it was left. It is a wonderful flag and we want to ensure that its history is appropriately documented so would appreciate our mystery donor to send us the information or call us. If you wish to remain anonymous we will comply with your request, but we would like the history of the flag. PLEASE.

NOTICE; The reception for Mike Winette will be Sunday, June 10 at 2 pm at the museum. Come and visit his wonderful exhibit.


Since last week was elections, I found the following report in the Panhandle Interstate paper of June 10, 1887 about the first election in Lipscomb County:

"Although unofficial, the above (election results) we believe to be a true statement of the result of last Monday’s election. some of the majorities are small, yet they are large enough to settle the election beyond a cavil. All of the candidates are satisfied to abide by the result. there was no trouble of any kind at either of the precincts and the men who centered at Lipscomb to learn the result were as pleasant and jolly a crowd as could have been gathered together for purely a social purpose. There are no charges of illegal voting, or attempting to vote, and when that can be said of an election it is sufficient. The vote polled was light compared to the number of qualified electors there are in Lipscomb county, as men from the various precincts have informed us that they know personally of a number of such in their precincts who did not go the polls. From fifty to seventy-five more votes would have been polled last Monday if the voters had all turned out."

105 votes were casted in the first election with Tom Connell elected county judge.

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