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October 20, 2019

by Virginia Scott


The board meeting last week on the 16th was well attended and we were able to conduct all our business in an hour. The following items were approved: new outdoor signage for the lawn for more visiability from the road, security monitor for activity room. Reports were given on our fundraiser which was very well attended and raised over $4000 for the museum and historical commission.

I ventured to Graham, Tx for the annual meeting of the West Texas Trails Association. This is a meeting that presents paper on the Historical Trails that were used for movement of cattle and people to our areas. My notes and program are stored in our reference room. I also bring new posters back that provide history.

Pam Tyson's quilts will be coming down this week and Kellie Kjos and her nephew will be exhibiting their snowman collection to get us in the mood for the holidays.


I am quoting an article from the Limelight, October 23,1919, can you relate to his feelings?
"So many fads and new fangled ideas are springing up on every day that a person of normal mind cannot keep track of all of them, or dijest (his spelling) half of them. It is a day and age of fads and fancies, not to mention hallucinations and pipe dreams. Between Socialistic and Bolshevik schemes, uplit dreams, progressives, militant suffragettes, I.W.W., single taxpayers, commission forms, town managers, long haired men and short haired women with wheels in their head than a Waterbury watch, tariff tinkering new bank-banking systems, trust-busting ...and with the press of the country running wild with red ink over sensationalism, and ...a plain, old-fashioned scribe like this one don't hardly know where he is at, or whether he will have to dodge into an incubator with the chicks, or eat bailed hay ground up in a patent cereal coffee machine and ...or just naturally have to crawl into a hole and pull the hole in after him."

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