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May 20, 2018

by Virginia Scott


We had only two of the five fire/ems departments attend our reception for EMS week. We will try to get the word out sooner for future receptions. They ones who attended had good visits. The museum volunteers were educated about the different departments and services.
The museum is still busy with some of the staff inventorying our collections to ensure that we haven't mislabeled or misplaced items. This is a pain staking process and will keep us busy for many months. The audit compares the item with our card catalog and then we give the results to Kelli who audits the computer files. The card catalog and hard drives are our two systems that allows us to find our items. The computer also keeps up with our memberships.

Current Exhibit is the art of Vicki Schafer


Prior to Mother's Day in 1918, General Pershing issued the following to all units of the American Expeditionary Force in France:
"To All commanding Officers: I wish every officer and soldier in the American Expeditionary forces would write a letter home on Mothers' Day. This is a little thing for each one to do but those letters will carry back our courage and our affection to the patriotic women whose love and prayers inspire us and cheer us on to victory."
The Y.M.C.A. buildings furnished stationery, pen, ink and a place to write the letters in quiet.. The appeal found a ready response in the hearts of Camp Travis men, most of whom were recent arrivals and still missing their civilian lives.

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