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January 21, 2018

by Virginia Scott


The school art exhibit is up and more art comes in every day. We had our first student group in from Booker and they seem to enjoy seeing their art on exhibit and the treasure hunt that Lovella challenges them with. The students are divided into teams with an adult and giving a list of things to find in the museum. It is always interesting and fun to hear the comments that are made as they discover the items in the museum.

These treasure hunts are available when a family comes in, the next time you need to entertain the kids, bring them in.

Our board meeting was on Wednesday and I will report on our activity next week.


We received a collection of clippings from the Turner family and It is furnishing us with information and pictures of the early Lipscomb County that we will be able to put in the multiplex or the Lipscomb, Higgins books in the reference room. So please remember when cleaning out closets, etc. bring them to use to peruse and we will dispose for you.

The following is a story from a letter written by P.B. Watrus to the Edith Paine, Lipscomb : "I worked for E.C. Gray, who was in the real estate business and I believe it was in 1887, any way it was a few months after the Santa Fe railway was built and Gray wanted a printer and I was available. At the time I was working on the Courier, two crowds from No Man's Land came to Higgins at the same time and they were enemies at home and they proceeded to shoot it out when they arrived in Higgins. One on each side got shot and Dr. Tom Hoover and I patched them up and the town marshal started one crowd out of town and held the other crowd back for an hour and then sent them home. Dr. Hoover came out a cow pony and $20 for patching the fellows up that got shot. "

I will try on occasion to share the wit and wisdom of Erma Bombeck starting with her ABC Primer of Guilt "Bless Me, Everybody, for I Have Sinned":

A-           Abandoning children and responsibility, leaving them helpless and alone with a $200 babysitter, a $3,700 entertainment center, a freezer full of food, and $600 worth of toys while you and your husband have a fun time attending a funeral in Ames, Iowa.

Have a good week

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