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May 24, 2015

by Virginia Scott


We had the elementary students from Stinnett, Tx visit us last Thursday. There was 46 students with 6 teachers. They were planning to eat out on the playground by our school but it was a little muddy so they had a picnic in our new meeting room. They seemed to enjoy the day and we sure enjoyed them.

Monday was Memorial Day and both Higgins and Darrouzett had programs with the traditional beans and cornbread. I attended the program at Higgins, The legion read the names of members who have passed which was touching. The speaker was Lt. Parker, active Air Force, whose inlaws are the Karnes from Higgins. He gave an impressive speech on the cost of lives in protecting our freedom in America. There were well over
50 people in attendance. It was nice to see some people that returned to town for the holiday that we hadn't seen in awhile.

We are still researching for information on the Lipscomb Military Band. Vonda can find announcements of their concerts but not the names of the members. If you have information on the members of this band, please send or call us the information.


As we remember our soldiers and loved ones, this memorial week, we need to thank the individuals who go to the county cemeteries on special days to place American flags on the graves of our soldiers. At Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, in the early hours of the Friday morning before Memorial Day, soldiers of the Third U.S. infantry walk along the rows of headstones. Each soldier stops at a headstone, reaches to a bundle of flags he is carrying, pulls one out and pushes it into the ground. These soldiers are part of a special regiment, the Old Guard. Most consider it a privilege to place flags on the more than two hundred thousand graves of soldiers who served in the wars or who died in them."They have done their job," said one soldier,"now it's my turn to do mine."

It is an equal honor to guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier all year. There are actually four soldiers buried in the Tomb. the unknown soldiers of the two World Wars, the Korean conflict and the Vietnam War. Each soldier represents all of those who gave their lives in the modern wars. The soldiers guard the tomb 24 hours a day. Wreath-laying ceremonies take place all through the year, on Memorial Day, the President or vice President of the United States gives a speech and lays a wreath on the tombs.

On another hill of Arlington Cemetery there is a mass grave of unidentified soldiers from the civil war.

I hope everyone took time a 3 pm on Monday to pause with the nation to say thank you to all who have served and are serving our country.

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