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March 20, 2011

by Virginia Scott


I am always amazed on how the museum changes from one day to the next. When I left last week our south flower bed was empty, when I came in this morning (Monday), it has beautiful new plant and a wonderful smell. Dorothy and Vernon Schoenhals with Ronnie Schneider journeyed to Amarillo and choice our new garden. We hope Spring is indeed here.

As previously mentioned our new exhibit featuring the artwork of Jerry Helmuth and Gary Steinberger is up and being enjoyed by our visitors. They have set their reception for Sunday, April 17, 2pm to 4pm, here at the museum. MARK YOUR CALENDARS.

Enjoy the week and this beautiful weather.


Two interesting items

First, an interesting story by Merril Trosper,1996 about the Trosper Barn: "Another 'old time' activity that took place on the "Old Ray Boone Ranch" (Corwin Trosper Ranch) was the weekly barn dances that took place in the loft of the big red barn with the two cupola on top. Different fiddlers would bring their instruments and play for a good old-fashioned barn dance.. Folks would come from miles around and the Lipscomb county Sheriff would be there to be sure to make sure things were kept in order. He would not let anyone inside who had a liquor bottle or showed any signs of being drunk. There were rumors that a fight might even break out now and then, and even went to the point of trying to throw one another out of the barn loft door. The floors of the loft are slick and shiny from all the dancing and partying that took place in the big red barn. In later years Trospers stored hay bales in the loft and the Trosper Boys, Bill and ray and the neighbor boys would play "cops and robbers", and Hide and go seek up there. Then when the loft would be empty the boys had basketball goals there and they would use it for a basketball court. The barn is still standing with Lance Bussard still using it for hay storage.

Secondly, In the April, 1887 Panhandle Interstate: It was reported that Albert Thompson, foreman for the L X Cattle Company, passed west through Lipscomb Tuesday, on the way to the ranch, with an outfit of ten men, one wagon and seventy-five horses. He turned over to Charley Sprague 1,630 beeves to be put in the L X pasture in the Indian territory. The query is whether this is part of the LX ranch of Potter County. The history of the LX ranch found in the Texas Handbook online describes their land holding stopping at the Canadian and Mr. Thompson is not named as a foreman. The history states that the American Pastoral Company of London owned the LX in 1887. When they wrote that he was traveling "west to the ranch" that fits with going from Lipscomb to Amarillo. My query is whether this is the same ranch and where can I find information on Albert Thompson.

Enjoy the week!

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