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June 16, 2013

by Virginia Scott


Due to computer internet connection problems at the museum my column did not get sent to the newspaper last week so I am covering two weeks in this weeks column.

We had a nice showing at the museum after the Turner family and friends said their goodbyes to Jacquita Turner the first of June. Judy Turner a niece brought us two scrapbooks that Jacquita had kept over the years. It is always interesting to review these albums to see what was happening during a time period and what the individual chose to keep in their albums. Obituaries seem to be a common one that everyone keeps. It appears to be a capsule memory of a friend or relative that contains the basic biographical information that is important to geneolgist.

We are making progress on our cleaning and you can actually see the top of some of our work surfaces. Like housework , cleaning , sorting , and arranging is a ever going project in museums.

School is out and kids are out for the summer. If there is any junior high or high school students needing projects for honors,extra credit, etc. come and see us.

We are getting very close to starting construction on our new addition. The commissioner court discussed the preparation of the ground for the foundation at their last meeting . Stay tuned for updates.


The following tidbit from the "The Kiowa Valley Independent" is a reminder of how good a life we have and that a car is a luxury.

"In 1911 a telephone line connected all the country side. It was installed a short time after my last boy (Leroy) was born. Not nearly so lonesome, we could talk or listen for miles around. We had good neighbors though few and far between. It wasn't uncommon for them to get in the wagon and come for the day on Sunday. Often, more than one family would come. I have cooked meals that would have sufficed for harvest hands, but they did seem to enjoy the visit. I went occasionally, but not as often as my neighbors . Our church life was sadly neglected for lack of transportation, no one wanted to trail to church in a wagon, it didn't seem so out line to neighbors. After a few years, I do not recall how many, we decided to use the broom corn money for a car. Fords were the first in that part of Texas,. All hands and the cook turned out to pull it. I do not remember the acreage or the price, but in due time we became the possessor of a car. Now the lumber wagon and horses need no longer to go on pleasure jaunts. We had a car. Naturally we went often and farther a field."

I won't have a column next week due to me having to have my shoulder operated on. It is day surgery so I won't be out long. So have a good week and I will be back with more county history .

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