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November 17, 2019

by Virginia Scott


We are keeping busy trying to clean our desks, the exhibits, and the workroom to prepare for our seasonal vacation. Please come by and visit the fairy land of snowmen, cookie jars, and everything Christmas with Kyler and Kellie's exhibit. It will put you in the mood.

We received a beautiful wardrobe from the Smith family so we will be rearranging some of our area to display it. It is always interesting to rearrange our exhibits to make room for new treasures that tell a story of our families.

I will be ordering (I hope) this year's state ornament so if you are a collector let us know and we will call you when they come in.


The following tidbit appeared in the Lime Light in November 20, 1919 issue:
"Many are the stories of Henry Ford and his popular automobile, by Hillsboro is relating what it calls the best of the season, and the facts in the case are true. It happened in one of the leading churches of the city that the pastor took for his text of his sermon, "Better Church Attendance".
The pastor held that the automobile has taken more people away from church than any other thing. He concluded with the exclamation: "the Ford car has taken more people to hell than any other thing that I can mention. Where upon an old lady in the congregation began to clap her hands and scream: Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!. 'What's the matter sister' asked the pastor. "The Ford never went any place that it couldn't make the round trip, and I am sure that all of those people in hell will be back, she answered, So praise the Lord."

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