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April 28, 2013

by Virginia Scott


Last week was interesting. I believe we had very seasonal weather in about three days. It was cleared up by Wednesday sort of and we had a good work day. Dorothy, Ann, and Lovella are finishing the newspaper project and inventory and Georgia is designing a new exhibit. I am busy trying to clean the office and keeping up with our email, etc.

It is almost time to change exhibits which we will do on Wednesday (yesterday as you are reading this on Thursday or Friday). On the walls of the art room will be the photographs of Richard "Whitty" Whittenburg. He has exhibited with us before and has wonderful photos of Rodeos and other things.

Our board will meet on May 14th for our second quarterly meeting for 2013. Our meeting are open to the public with our agendas posted in Lipscomb post office and court house. We meet at 2 pm at the museum.


In their newspaper project, we revisited the Kiowa Valley Independent newspaper published by The Circle Register Publishing Company with Gene Ehrlich, publisher and Dorothy Schoenhals, editor. In the February 26, 1963 issue, Mrs. P. R. Wheatley wrote an article entitled "Pioneer-Woman of the Prairie". In the article she describes the "water system" for her school. "The water system was very unsatisfactory in the Public schools of long ago. Ours was a cedar bucket and I think had brass hoops. A tin cup which in time became rusty. If they were ever scalded I never knew it. This bucket was kept on a shelf in the corner of the room. Thirsty children would ask for a drink, perhaps some not so thirsty and the supply was soon exhausted. The bucket was filled at the nearest well and carried by two boys. Some time it was passed around to each desk and children drank in turn. Once, I remember, the boys who had carried the water seemed highly amused while the thirsty youngsters gulped their drink.

It finally came out that all the water was not from the well and which they considered quite a joke I'm sure I also drank with relish. After a severe threshing by the teacher, (a man) they were expelled from the school, but as I have said before they were a very well behaved bunch. Considering the number and size very few received punishment.

Question for the week: do we pass practical jokes down through the generations?

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