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April 23, 2017

by Virginia Scott


A busy week with our group preparing for our upcoming activities and reorganizing our work spaces. We are planning our genealogy workspace and gathering material that will assist us in our searches. We are hoping that we will be able to have a designated computer installed in the board room so that we can access online searches.

Due to the generosity of each of you we have one of the most up - to - date county museums and archives in this region. More and more individuals are coming to our facility for research on their families. This fulfills one of our mission purposes. If you have a free afternoon or just want a quiet respite for an hour come and see us browse thru our reference room.

Due to conflict of schedules and illness we did not have a regular board meeting. We will reschedule soon.


Sunday, May 7 - Tea Party, 2 pm til. Bring your favorite cup and tea, wear a pretty hat (optional) and a finger food. We will enjoy the afternoon with good conversation and the tradition of tea time.

Bingo night - to be announced

Genealogy club - to be announced.

Terry Henderson reception with program by Otis Shearer - June 11


The following appeared in the April 26, 1917 issue of "Lipscomb Limelight" describing who an editor is:

"A country schoolboy was told to write an essay on editors, says the Fallbrook, Cal. Enterprise and this is the result:
"I don't know, how newspapers came to be in the world. I don't think the good Lord does, for he ain't got nothing to say about an editor in the Bible. I think an editor is one of the missing links you read of and stayed in the bushes until after the flood and then came out and wrote the thing up and has been here ever since. I don't think he ever died. I never seen a dead one and never heard of one getting licked.
If a doctor makes a mistake he buries it and the people don't say nothin'.
When the editor makes a mistake there is be swearing and a big fuss but if a doctor makes mistakes there is a funeral cut flowers and perfect silence.
A doctor can use a word a yard long without anybody knowing what it is, but if an editor uses he has to spell it.
Any old college can make a doctor, but an editor has to be born."

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