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February 21, 2016

by Virginia Scott


The trip to Colorado City was long but the meeting was informative. It was nice to see other museum and chamber people and hear about what was going on in our area. There is a lot of interest is growing in the old highways that crisscrossed the Panhandle prior to Hwy 66, 83 and I-40. There has been a book written about the development of TX 207 and this Saturday, the highway will be dedicated as the Hamblen Memorial Highway in honor of the man who developed the original road as a shortcut between his home and town. You can learn more about it at the plains trail website: www.TexasPlainsTrail.com.

The Quanah Parker project has almost completed the erection of the arrows and is presently working on getting the arrow story stones complete. More than 80 arrows have been placed in our 52 counties.

We are in the process of submitting our annual report to the state on our work during 2016. Our attendance for the year was 1331 with over 3000 volunteer hours.

The student reception is this Sunday, February 28 from 2 pm to 5 pm. Student award will be presented around 3 pm. Please come out and support our students in their artistic endeavors. Research has proven that music, art, and theater adds to the well roundedness of our students as much as sports.


In his February 4, 1965 column of the Prairie Dog, Mr. Dixon tells the following story about the Lipscomb saloon operated by a man named McSpadden. Mr. McSpadden used a cigar box for a cash register. He was one of the best ropers in the country and many of the ranchers would use him on their ranch and he would leave his saloon open for his customers to wit on themselves. He never lost any money by doing so. He reported the following story about "Mac" : On day a traveling salesman came into the saloon an asked for a bottle of beer. Mac went to the dug well, where he kept it cool, and brought a bottle to the salesman. The salesman then wanted some ice for his beer. Mac said, "You must be kidding; who in the world ever heard of ice in the middle of summer!" Life in the early days.

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