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April 19, 2015

by Virginia Scott


The board meeting was held on Thursday with 16 in attendance. The Building construction is complete with the sidewalks in place that connects the front doors with the side so we have sidewalks that allow entrance and exit front and back. This will allow easy access during programs and loading and unloading of items. The goals for 2015 were presented and adopted. They are:
  1. Continue to Participate in the American Association for State and Local History STEPS program ( Standards and Excellence Program ). This is a self-directed program that allows museums to learn and achieve museum management and stewardship for their organization and collections. We have achieved the first steps and will proceed to working on next one.
  2. Develop and plan exhibits for the museum.
  3. Implement Newsletter for April and October
  4. Participate in the Red River War Project Committee
  5. Develop a "Talking Tombstone" Program.


In the Sept 27, 1961 issue of the Higgins News a column by Joe Marsh entitled "From where I sit" related the following story: "Miss Gilbert, the teacher, was telling me how Skip Lawson almost went to sleep in her physics class. She noticed him nodding and - since they were discussing electricity- said in a loud voice: "Now maybe MR. LAWSON will explain what electricity is ? "Skip started up, looked around wildly, and blurted out, "Gee!I used to know, but I forgot." "What a loss to science!" sighs Miss Gilbert. "No one to this day knows what electricity really is, and here we have a genius who could explain it- but forgot!" From where I sit, I hope this taught Skip that you're better off if you admit you don"t know all answers. Some grownups haven't learned that yet- like the ones who are always telling other people what's best and what's right and what's wrong. I like a temperate glass of beer, myself, but if you prefer buttermilk I won't argue, I've seen too many "know it alls" turn out to be wrong.

I love these old newspapers.

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