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August 24, 2014

by Virginia Scott


We are making slow but sure progress in our exhibits. The auditorium is complete with the art exhibit walls finished with our Walker Display system fully installed by Norma and Terry Boughan . The audio visual equipment will be installed this week . This area will be available for any family, organization, clubs, etc. to hold meetings for a nominal fee. We are developing the brochure for its use and will announce when finished.

We are starting the planning for next year's events so If you are an artist, photographer,quilter, etc. and want to have a show please call us. Remember to events this fall. On SEPT. 14 (SUNDAY PM) the garden show by Doris Akers and Kathryn Paul. Oct 18 is our annual fundraiser , watch for posters, our entertainment will be R.J. Vandergriff. We need items for the auction that night.


In a donated scrapbook, we discovered old newspaper clippings that the donor found worth keeping due to their content or ones she found amusing. One is titled "Little Boy's Opinion of 'the Editor'". It apparently was originally published in the "Panhandle Publisher". I offer two paragraphs from the article: "If the editor makes mistakes, folks say he ought to be hung; but if the doctor makes mistakes he buries them and people don't say nothing because they can't read or write Latin. When the editor makes mistakes there is a big lawsuit, and swearing, and a big fuss, but if the doctor makes one, there is a funeral, cut flowers, and perfect silence. And his final observation: If the doctor goes to see another man's wife, he charges the man for the visit, but if the editor goes, he gets a charge of buckshot."

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