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July 14, 2019

by Virginia Scott


The museum is now home to the offices of the County Judge, Justice of the Peace, and all the various offices that support them and their files. We have a new look and should offer the public a birds eye view of county government.
The Esther Miller exhibit is up and I think everyone who visits will enjoy her life as well as being reminder of past memories. Please plan to come and check it out.

In moving they uncovered a stash of caps with the logo "Lipscomb 2000 The "Other" county. I remember the caps and slogan but not its meaning so if you remember, email me at wolfcrk@amaonline.com.

I received our annual report from the Geocaching Headquarters: 186 people have visited our caches. This means 186 people have visited our courthouse square, the Lipscomb cemetery, and the museum where our caches are placed. I will be visiting them this summer and renewing our caches. I keep a file on their comments that you can review when you visit if interested.
Our board meeting met on Wednesday and I will report its action next week.


Since we are starting renovation activities of the courthouse, I offer this tidbit of information that occurred as a result of the building of the courthouse:
Miss Ida Tucker of Lipscomb and Mr. Chester Pyron of Fort Worth were united in marriage on Wednesday, July 9th at the home Rev. M.L. Blankenship of Higgins. Miss Ida Tucker, the bride served more than five years as an post mistress after which she filled the position of County Treasurer for several months in a creditable manner and bears the distinction of being the first lady to act in that capacity for the county. Mr. Pyron, the groom, whose home has been made at Fort Worth. He is a quiet and unassuming young man. He is a carpenter and concrete worker and during the time of building the court house was right next to the foreman and supervised the concrete work besides the finishing work. He formed the acquaintance of many here. The young couple left immediately for Higgins where they took the train for Fort worth where they will make their home.

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