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January 24, 2021

by Virginia Scott


Our year is off and running already with internal and external projects awaiting our attention. We had a good broad meeting and agreed to continue our goals related to our cemeteries. One of the questions we have about cemeteries is how many family cemeteries do we have in the county. If you know of one , please send or call us information on how to locate them so they can be added to our data base. We will not make the location public without your permission.

We received several ideas for programs and exhibits and hope to have a calendar completed by end of February. The present exhibit is our annual County Student Art and as usual the art is wonderful. Plan to come see it. We will not be having a reception due to COVID but the award will be delivered to the schools.


In 1920, the sheriff A.B. Griffith resigned and at commissioner's court they appointed Dr. Goettsche as acting sheriff and tax collector. The editor announced the appointment : "It will be up to the 'slip and go swift' element to 'sit up and take notice' that Dr. Goettsche was the individual appointed." I don't exactly understand what he meant by this statement but I wondered what Dr. Goettsche thought since he was already the doctor, coroner, and commissioner.

Have a good week.

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