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June 25, 2017

by Virginia Scott


The museum was busy even with us being officially closed. On Monday, we had new entryway flooring installed, Teri Henderson came and took her exhibit down, and the phone rang and rang.
We had a big crowd at the Saturday night Bingo Game and lots of winners. If you have items in good shape i.e. vases, bath gift sets (unopened) and want to clean house bring them to us for prizes. Join us on the fourth Saturday of the month at 6:00 pm in our meeting room.
Our July thru Sept exhibit will be Pam Haines "Barbie" doll collection and I am told that you will be delighted. Barbie will be displayed in her many adventures. It promises to be fun.


In the June 28, 1917 Lipscomb Limelight, they wrote an Essay on Pants, I offer it for this weeks musings:
"Pants are made for men and not for women. Women are made for men and not for pants. When a man pants for a woman and a woman pants for a man they are a pair of pants. Such pants don't last. Pants are like molasses - they are thinner in hot weather and thicker in cold. Men are often mistaken in pants - such mistakes are breeches of promise. There has been much discussion whether pants is singular or plural. Seems to us when men wear pants it is plural and when they don't wear any pants it is singular. When men go on a tear in their pants it is all right; when the pants go on a tear it is all wrong. If you want to make the pants last, make the coat first."
I am not sure what the coat has to do with the pants, but I am confused by many of the Skaggisms.

Have a good fourth of July and be sure to enjoy the Deutches Fest and assist Darrouzett enjoy their hundredth birthday.

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