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August 9, 2009

by Virginia Scott


The museum has been blessed with the cleaning bug. Everyone in the county , I believe, is cleaning out a closet, room, or basement. You all remembered my request that when in doubt bring the documents etc. to the museum for evaluation. We are so busy with going through collections of magazines, newspapers, & old photographs. Thanks to some donors we are completing some holes in our newspaper issue archives , obtaining new photos with people and places we did not have . We, unfortunately, can not keep everything offered mainly because it does not fit our mission but we truly appreciate you remembering us .

Last week being the last week in July was exhibit exchange week. We disassembled the Jean Weis exhibit and assisted Sandra Elloitt in hanging her exhibit. Ms. Elloitt resides southwest of Arnett, OK along with her husband, Bryan. The family purchased the ranch in the early 90's and raised two daughters, Rory and Josey. The remote setting with its abundant wildlife and peaceful solitude provides idyllic painting opportunities.

The Western Art Group at the "Little Red School House", west of Arnett, has been an important resource providing informal critiques and creative support to Ms. Elloitt. Her paintings are done in oils, but she loves the pastel medium, as well. Several of her works depict the human figure which is her favorite subject matter. Her paintings will be on display through September. Her reception will be the third Saturday in September. She will share the Saturday with Rene Heil who will be present to sign his new book.

I am on the road to Plainview and will be driving back when you read this column. I am attending the Texas Plains Trail Tourism & Preservation Regional Roundup. This is an all day conference with speakers and networking with all the counties in our 52 counties of the Texas Plains. I will also be attending the strategic planning meeting for the Texas Plains Trail.


Two columns ago (July 30th paper) I talked about the scrapbook of the Booker Home Demostration Club. In that article I made several mistakes and omissions that I want to correct in this column. The first was that Kate Blau was married to Max not Lewis. Lewis was the son. Sorry. Second, I did not look through the complete book and there were other members toward the back that I did not mention.

Daisy Weinett was in the book listed as an inactive member for the year. Mary McKee, Grace Smith, Sarah Pitts, became a member in 1953 . Naomi Mounsey and Gladys Morris are in the scrapbook as guest speakers. The album ends with clippings concerning the County Council , Texas Home Demostration Assoc. ,and 4-H . The scrapbook belonged to Winn Lehman. It is a wonderful snapshot of Lipscomb Life.

I will leave you with a poem Ms. Lehman clipped from the Santa Fe Magazine. author unknown


I'd like to be a could-be
If I could not be an are
For a could-be is a may-be
With a chance of reaching far.
I'd rather be a has-been
Than a might-have -been by far
For a might-have-been has never been
But a has-been was an are.

Have a "could-be" and "are" week!

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