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January 10, 2021

by Virginia Scott


HAPPY NEW YEAR. This is our first column for the new year. We hope each of you are well and observing all the new social rules we have to observe due to the COVID virus. We have a stand at the front door with sanitizer, etc. available.

We have a lot to address this year at our first board meeting set for Jan. 20 at 3 pm. I will have our agendas posted in most of our towns next week. Look on your community bulletin boards. I will also post in my column next week.

We have our new shelving in place and will be busy placing our collections in their new storage area. It will take us nearly all year re-cataloging and placing the items in their new home. We thank each of you for your donations that have made this new system possible. We truly appreciate your support.


A short history note from the 1920's column entitled Slat's Diary : "Sunday - Ma was fixing sum chicken for dinner, on account we had company for dinner. I ast if it was 2 be fried & she sed No I am going 2 cook smothered chicken but I diddent eat enny. I want mine killed civilized."

Hope you are staying safe and will visit us this year.

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