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May 5, 2019

by Virginia Scott


A quiet week, our genealogy group met and compared notes. We have received the newsletter from the caprock genealogy organizational group in Plainview and Lubbock. It is posted in our workroom.
We are making progress on expanding the military exhibit thanks to Georgia and her new helper, Seth Robinson.
Myra and Mary are learning the computer program for our collection records. Kellie has finally finished entering the first drawer of our paper records of our collection. By having a computer and paper records we can move the computer records in case of any natural disaster.
Thanks to all of you for renewing your memberships. Hope everyone received your newsletter. We are trying to send at least two issues out a year.


In World War I, Miss Beatrice Mary MacDonald, an American Red Cross nurse assigned to the Army Nurse Corps was decorated with the Distinguished Service Cross by Secretary of War Baker. "For extraordinary heroism against an armed foe." She was in an evacuation station immediately behind the lines when the place was bombed by German aeroplanes on the night of August 17, 1917 until a fragment of shell struck her in face and destroyed the sight of her right eye. Miss MacDonald is said to be the first woman to receive the highest award for bravery outside of the Congressional Med which the government has to bestow. She was from New York city. (Lipscomb LimeLight, May 8, 1919).

Lastly, I leave you to think about an observation by C.A. Skaggs:
"you can't expect a woman to get much enjoyment out of the church service if there are at least three others on her row who are wearing more expensive hats than her own."

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