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September 18, 2011

by Virginia Scott


With the beautiful weather, we had a great crowd Sunday for our reception for Amy Winton. Over 60 people came from surrounding area. It is nice being in the corner of a state with the border because we can brag that people from two states came to our reception. We thank every one for coming out to visit with Amy and the museum staff and to view her beautiful paintings. Her paintings are so beautiful and make our real structures look so great. Her paintings will be on exhibit until end of October and they are for sale so come in and view. The museum receives a percentage of the sale and you came tax deduct our part. It like getting a discount on a treasure.

If you support the arts as part of your humanitarian and charity efforts, remember there are three ways to do that, support the individual artist by buying their works, support the institutions that show their art, and support the Texas education for the arts (TEA) by buying license tags for the arts when you renew your license tags. (I will now get off my soapbox)

We are continuing our cataloging of our photographs. The team is now into to the large photos 8x10 and larger and they present a storage challenge. We did receive a huge scrapbook in our grant that will hold photographs that measure 16x24 documents so that is receiving a lot of them. other challenges is framed ones, do we leave them framed or do we unframe them. That is when we get out our reference books from the bookshelf "Connecting to the Collection".

A visitor came in while we were in the middle of one of these research sessions and when leaving stated that they could not believe that all that brainwork was needed to just to store stuff. I think that is the difference between museums and grandma's or our attics. We are required to preserve and conserve historical artifacts. We thank you for the privilege.


Many of us remember Dr. Goettsche as a local dentist but did you remember that he was appointed Sheriff on January 12,1920 to replace A. B. Griffith. He was elected sheriff on November 2, 1920 and served until 1922.
"Doc" Goettsche, as he was known, was a pioneer dentist in Higgins having established his home and practice there about 1898. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1868, and he attended dental college there.
He traveled in a light buckboard with his portable dentist chair, camping outfit, and bedroll. He explained that the cowboys riding the range could not take time to come to town for dental work, so he went to them. When an epidemic of diphtheria broke out in Eller Flats across the Canadian River, Goettsche answered the call for doctors and he assisted the other doctors by taking temperatures, giving medication until the epidemic was controlled.
He served where and when he was needed in what ever role he could perform, a true civil servant.

Here is a saying by Samuel Johnson that you can practice this week it was true this weekend

"The happiest conversation is that of which nothing is distinctly remembered, but a general effect of pleasing impression."

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