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March 6, 2016

by Virginia Scott


We are busy reorganizing and cleaning our work areas and archive room. Finding treasures we haven't seen in awhile. The 1950's school stage curtain was found and we have in lay out in our meeting room. We will try to locate a conservator for the curtain so that we can stop its deterioration. There is a history of the businesses operating at the time so it is a piece of history we do not want to lose.

It is the time of the month that we are setting up a new exhibit for March/April, featured artists is Maxine McWhorter Jones and Ronda Bartlett.


Continuing the saga of the Polly, it is speculated that the Indians didn't want to ruin their medicine by killing a medicine man's wife (Mr. Polly treated the Indians and was known as a medicine man). This wasn't the last incident involving the Pollys during what has become known as the Red River Indian War of 1874. That summer a Cheyenne raiding party caught and killed most of the German Family near the Colorado and Kansas state line, taking the four girls in the family prisoner. The Cheyenne later turned the two smaller girls loose on the prairie south of present-day Pampa. When the cavalry found them, they took the girls to the Pollys dugout and left them there until they could return with more supplies.
Stone Calf had the two older girls and eventually surrendered them in Fort Sill in 1875 when he and his band turned themselves in. After a year so so in the dugout at Monument Creek, Polly moved his family to Commission Creek where they opened a hotel and ran a stagecoach stop. When Hemphill County was formed in 1887, Polly was elected the first county judge.

The Saga of the German Girls was chronicled in a book entitled the "The Moccasin Speaks" by Arlene Jauken, great-granddaughter of Sophia German.

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