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October 30, 2011

by Virginia Scott


First good news, Amy is extending her show through November. So enjoy the fall foliage colors from Booker to Lipscomb or from Canadian to Lipscomb and come to the museum to see Amy's great painting. We have also starting adding to the Ranch Room exhibit with the installation of the Altmiller Family Heritage Display with their 100 year state certification. We have at least five ranches who have been certified and have historical markers on their ranches, we invite those of you who have historical markers to bring us your certificates and photos,etc. for your ranch display. We have basic information on this program that will get you started, if you think your farm or ranch qualifies, come see us.

Wednesday, was a good work day and our work room is looking pretty good. We still have areas that we need to clean, get rid of, etc. At the last board meeting, it was decided that we would de accession the old copy machine and start cleaning the school store room for more storage area until the new building is built. If you would like to assist with the clean-up call us or show up on Wednesdays.

I journeyed to Snyder last Thursday and Friday for the second Quanah Parker Trail meeting. This is a project of the Texas Plains Trail to identify areas where Quanah Parker and his tribe had significant events or where they had camps,battles, etc. Once documented these areas will be marked with a giant arrow. I got the application packet to submit two sites for Lipscomb County that I have information on that I can qualify.

Last week, I quoted in the tidbit section, Kathy Cook's writeup on her ride on the "Doodlebug", Lovella found the group picture of that trip and we are adding them to our Doodlebug exhibit on the outer office wall. If this keeps up we are going to have to move the Doodlebug exhibit to a full floor all its own.


Did you know or do you remember who and how the first Follett history book got its name? Well, they had a Name contest for the Follett Anniversary Book which ended on Friday, June 23rd,1967. The winner was Opal Breon, Follett with the title of "Pioneers of the Prairie".

I have often commented in this column how our obituitaries of today were lacking in information on the deceased individual. In comparision is the obituatary of Thomas Haines in the June 15,1944 issue of the Lipscomb Lime Light and The Follett Times. It is two full columns long and gives all the details of his ninety years. A great read and I will try to highlight its contents for you in the next few columns.

Thomas Haines, born April 16, 1854 at Davenport, Iowa and died June 11, 1944 at the age of 90 years, one month and 26 days. On October 14, 1873, he was married to Miss Semantha Walton of Muscatine, Iowa who preceded him in death 18 years ago last April 30th. He is also survived by a second wife, formerly Mrs. Mary Rounkies, whom he married on July 20, 1929. He was survived by six children : oldest son, William Terrel Haines died Feb. 20,1920. Mrs. W.C. Walker, Mrs. Myrtle Frazier, Oscar Haines and Albert Haines all of Follett and Mrs. Benjamin Farmer of Lincoln, Ark. (I guess in 1940's, the Skaggs did not give the ladies first names only husband's names ).

The article also stated that "In youth Mr. Haines was not a very strong child and often sick. His mother remarked to him many times, 'Thomas, you will never live to be a man'".

Next week, more on family history.

Hope you enjoyed Halloween!

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