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January 1, 2017

by Virginia Scott


Happy New Year. The museum officially opened for 2017 on Monday, January 2. While we were on vacation, our carpet elfies came in and shampooed our carpets. So we are clean and ready for the new year.

Thanks to your generous support we have all the necessary tools to develop our exhibits and to protect our collection for the future.

We will be planning our exhibits and programs for the year so if you know anyone or yourself that would be good for a program or an exhibit please call us.


I am sure most you watched football and the Tournament of Roses Parade on Monday. The parade was startd in 1887, when a zoologist who had seen one in France suggested to the Valley Hunt Club in Pasadena, California that they sponsor "an artistic celebration of the ripening of the oranges" at the beginning of the year. At first the parade was a line of decorated horse-drawn private carriages. Athletic events were held in the afternoon, and in the evening, a ball where the winners of the events of the hay and the most beautiful float were announced. In later years colleges began to compete in football games on New Year's Day. The parade of floats grew longer from year to year, flower decoration grew more elaborate.
The Theme of the Tournament of Roses varies from year to year. The parade is usually more than five miles long with thousands of participants in the marching bands and on the floats. The grand marshal is usually a celebrity. Preparation for next year's Tournament of Roses begins the next day, January 3rd this year. The parade is usually always on January 1st but this year the first was a Sunday and the parade was held on Monday not to interfere with worship services. In the early years when the date was on Sunday, it was changed to Monday due to the fact that the horses were needed to pull carriages to church.

On January 4, 1965 President Lyndon Johnson's State of the Union address called for the creation of the Great Society, the most ambitious program of social legislation since the New Deal.

Have a good week and I hope everyone ate their black eyed peas on New Year's Day.

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