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September 20, 2015

by Virginia Scott

This nice weather has people getting out and enjoying it before fall and winter winds really move in. We have had a good number of visitors to see the doll collection and also to buy R.J. Vandygriff's new CD. We also just received our 2015 State Christmas Ornaments. We have a limited number so if you collect, first come first served.

October 2 is our last meeting of the board for the year. The agendas are posted at the Lipscomb post office and courthouse and each board member will receive their copies in the mail. The main topic will be our annual fundraiser on October 24th. Tickets will be on sale after the board meeting.

October 18th at p.m. is Lance Bussard's presentation on his archeology finds.


In 1919, W. J. Cessna, his wife, Mary and three of their six children, Harry, Mannie, and W.J. (Bick) moved to Darrouzett from Lipscomb, Tx. Mr. Cessna purchased the first lot sold in Darrouzett when the town was settled by people moving close to where the railroad was coming through the country. Mr. Cessna first operated a garage and also, drilled water wells. The garage was a two-story building.
The top floor was a Masonic Hall and the bottom floor was a garage with one room partitioned off for a school room. The garage was converted into a movie house on Saturday afternoons showing silent movies with benches to sit on and a piano was played for sound effects. Movies were run on a hand cranked projector, often Bill Cessna would get so tickled over the antics of someone in the movie that he would be unable to crank the projector. After having a good laugh, he would resume showing the movie. Dances were also held in the garage.
In the late 20's or early 30's, he built a building north of the Beck Drug Store, partitioning it into two rooms. In the south room, he had a cafe "Hamburger Inn", advertising Cigars, Candy, Soft drinks and Hamburgers; and had a small grocery store along with it. The north room was used for a Theatre, "The Alamo", there were talking pictures in 1931- prices being 10 and 25 cents. a dance hall, skating rink and basketball gymnasium. After the skating rink, it was a grocery store which he sold in 1944 and sold the cafe in 1947. He, also, owned a gas station and garage. At the time of his death in 1953, Mr. Cessna had the distinction of having the longest continuous residence of an citizen in Darrouzett. ( written by Mr. and Mrs. Harry King, and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Duke in the December, 1989 issue of Lipscomb Heritage).

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