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March 12, 2017

by Virginia Scott


This past week has been a tragic one for our region and county. The massive grassfires have taken lives and destroyed our grasslands and cattle. The of fires touched our museum and town of Lipscomb with the death of Cade Koch, son of Dana and Eddie Koch, nephew of Kellie Kjos who is one of our volunteers.
The town of Lipscomb is full of volunteers from around the region and neighboring states with hay,feed, and other needed items.

The museum has a large meeting room and it came in handy this week which is one of our goals is to be of service to the community.

We need photos to document this historic event. Please send us copies of yours. Our email address is wolfcrk@amaonline.com or mail to us at Box 5, Lipscomb, Tx 79056.

Doug Ricketts has completed the installation of a new show which will be on displayed thru April. His reception will be March 26, Sunday from 2-4 pm.


Two items from the March 15, 1917 issue of Lipscomb Limelight from the column "Town and Country Notes" with the subtitle of snappy, choice and up to now.
  1. The Commissioners Court done at its last session was to let the contract for wiring the Court House for electric lights. Grover Bussard of the City Garage happening to be the lucky one to pull down the plum, and at the same time will furnish the power for the lighting system as well for the coming year after the installation of the plant.

  2. It is now getting high time for the citizens of Lipscomb to begin to think of what they are going to do with the surplus of old tin cans and other rubbish. It will not be long before the grass will commence piercing the earths surface. Let the old town have pretty lawns this summer. There is nothing that looks better for a well kept town than lawns and nice clean streets.

I wondered when this tradition started and now I know.

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