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August 11, 2019

by Virginia Scott


We had a nice crowd of more than thirty people at our reception Sunday to honor Esther Miller and to enjoy the display of her belongings and collections. She was represented by numerous members of the Miller family in attendance.
The demolish of the court house elevator is under way. We will be offering bricks in our gift shop if you wish a souvenir of the renovation.

With the courthouse temporarily located in the museum, our traffic has increased and more people are aware of our museum. Our attendance should increase with their presence.

We will be continuing our Bingo games over at the club house. Next game is Saturday, August 31, 2019.


As the 100th anniversary for Booker and Perryton approaches, it will also be the 100th anniversary for Hwy 60 which was originally called the "Trans-Panhandle Highway."
W.A. Palmer, secretary and general manager of the D-C-D Highway, and Judge E.C. Gray of Higgins went to Austin where they appeared before the state highway commission asking for the designation of a new Trans-Panhandle road, and they reported a very courteous reception by the commission which granted their petition. The highway was to start at the north line of Lipscomb County from Higgins, Glazier, Canadian, Miami, Panhandle, Amarillo, Canyon, Hereford and Farwell and was considered one of the most important highways to date. The highway was to connect the traffic of the north from Kansas and Oklahoma with the Eastern Plains of New Mexico.

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